Boken är äntligen till salu!

Nu är boken som jag modellade för i vintras äntligen klar och till salu :)

Nicole ska skicka en till mig :) Ska bli såå kul att läsa den och se alla bilder!

Såhär står det om boken:

This book is a collection of vignettes - like a diary. Follow a personal journey of introspection as a new mother and wife, who thought she had it all - fights to find the person she was before everything went wrong. While exiting her divorce, the author begins writing a letter to her daughter hoping to explain what she was experiencing to try to help her understand the choices that she had made. The author soon realizes she questions these very same choices.

Climbing out of the pit renewed, the words are there to leave a path behind to show her how far she's come and how much further she still has to go. Introspection to revelations. The path back to her true self. The words reveal the path. This book connects the path.

This is The Red Thread.

Här kan ni se mer av boken:


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